About Alonzo Massey


My Story.
 My Mission.

” My mission is to help men and women realize that they can get the results they want without having to follow a fad diet or some crazy workout. To help them have the inner confidence to believe in themselves that they can make it happen regardless of where you’re starting from.”

 Alonzo Massey is the managing owner and founder of FitLife Training Studio. His mission is to help busy men & women over 30 get the body they want to feel stronger, leaner, healthier & happier!

FitLife training studio makes this happen by keeping workouts short and meaningful. Providing simple nutrition tips to follow that can easily be incorporated into every day lives with family without making it complicated.

Alonzo moved to Gurnee 7 years ago after running a successful private training business in Chicago. He has two young boys. If he’s not training, he’s playing hide & seek in the dark or prepping lunch boxes.

He understands the dynamics of being a busy parent, juggling a successful career while also keeping a good work/life/health balance.


Step 1: Mindset Reset

Getting someone to believe in themselves is the very first step of any transformation. Once they believe, They can take the next step.

Step 2: Simple Nutrition

Giving someone a meal plan saying follow this, isn’t proper nutrition. we pride ourselves on teaching to better nutrition habits with our Level 1 & 2 nutrition courses.

Step 3: Result Driven Training

Our goal isn’t to make you sweat just to sweat. we want to make sure you understand the muscles your working, proper form and how to get a quality workout in 45mins or less.

Alonzo Massey

Personal Trainer & Transformation Coach